The RAF Halton Apprentices Association Archives

The Archive section of the RAFHAA Website contains a random selection of documents and photographs from the extensive collection of such material held in the actual Archives at RAF Halton. Some have been scanned and tidied up from files relating to specific Entries; others are pictures taken during the glorious past; some are extracts from past editions of "The Haltonian" magazine; there are also many filed accounts of incidents and campaigns worldwide that apprentices have been involved (The Stories). All are fascinating insights to the life and times of Halton Brats.

Wile away a few hours and check out the following (Navigation is intuative). Enjoy the journey:

The Association is progressively scanning documentation (records) held on file in the RAF Halton Apprentice Association Archive. The information spans a period from the early days when the apprenticeship scheme was initiated through to its cessation in 1993. Document types cover and include individual apprentice records; photographs; past editions of 'The Haltonian'; Pass-out Parade details and much more besides. The scanning project is 'Work in Progress' and likely to continue for a long time given the wealth and extent of the hardcopy documentation on file and the continuous flow of data submitted by ex-Apprentices and others. (As a btw the Archive could do with some assistance with the project if there are any members out there who have time on their hands; Get in touch!)

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