ON  19th MARCH 2016



Present:        Duncan Grant                                                   Chairman

                               Peter West                                                       Deputy Chairman

                                Tony Whittaker                                                 Treasurer

                                Denis O’Brien                                                    Office Manager

                                Peter Brown                                                       Deputy Membership Secretary

                                Peter Milner                                                       Branches Secretary

                                Andrew MacKenzie                                         Welfare

                                John Styles                                                          Grove Liaison

                                Alan Farley                                                          IT

                                Barry Smith                                                         Council Member

                                Les Shardlow                                                     General Secretary

                                                               64 Members













Introduction and Apologies

The Chairman welcomed the President, Vice Patrons and Members present and in particular John Rist of the 36th Entry.

Sir Michael Armitage, AM Cliff Spink and numerous other members had sent their apologies.



Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last AGM were proposed by Sam Wright, (97th) seconded by John Welch, (94th) and approved unanimously by the members.



Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.



Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported on the activities of the Association over the past year.

The Chairman thanked the Station Commander for his and the Stations’ support over the past 12 months. On behalf of the Association the Chairman wished him well on his forthcoming appointment to RCDS.

Chairman’s report attached




Financial Statement

The Treasurer gave his Financial Report for the past year.


The Financial Examiner, Fred Crooks, had inspected the accounts and signed the appropriate certificate for the Charities Commission stating that they were in order.

The Association thanked Fred Crooks and the Treasury team for all their hard work over the past year.


Proposer John Nelson, Seconder Peter Brown. Agreed unanimously.



Financial Statement for 2015 attached


Membership Report

 A Pie chart was presented showing membership category and overall numbers that had remained more or less static since the 2015 AGM.



Legacy Report

A status report on the Legacy Project was given by Denis O’Brien and is attached to these minutes.


There was a short question and answer session on the report. Key topics raised were:


a. Peter Doyle (63rd) asked how specific would the Engineering Bursary be for example to Aeronautical Engineering.

b. Mike Bray asked if the Bursary could be directed towards students of a similar background to that of ex-apprentices.

c. Tony Merry asked if priority for Bursaries could be given to the children of Service families.

d. Sir Dusty Miller enquired as to why the RAFA had not been shortlisted to manage the Bursary Scheme.

e. Min Larkin (63rd) acknowledged the importance of delivering a Bursary scheme but suggested a revised approach involving fewer numbers and a smaller outlay. He also expressed the view that the overall spend on Bursaries could be detrimental to the longevity of the Association. Without delivering evidence he expressed an opinion that the Association could last for another 25 years.


Responses to the foregoing points were addressed by the Chairman and Deputy Chairman (designate ) as follows:



a.       Criteria would focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students with priority being considered for applicants proving an interest in aeronautics.

b.       Students from State Schools would be given priority subject to meeting all other selection criteria in competition.

c.        Service Children would be given priority-subject to meeting all other selection criteria in competition. However there could be a conflict with b above if Service children were at Boarding School for continuity of education. This would need to be considered further.

d.       Sir Dusty’s point was clarified in earlier correspondence between him and the Chairman. NFA.

e.       The points raised by Min Larkin were addressed as far as possible and would be considered in Council. In particular it was pointed out that any sum significantly less than the ring fenced £200k would be detrimental to the number and value of Bursaries awarded each year.





Appointment of Officers

The Following Officers were elected to post for the ensuing year:

Deputy Chairman          Denis O’Brien

General Secretary         Les Shardlow

Treasurer                        Tony Whittaker

Mem Secretary              Garron Clark-Darby

Mem Secretary 2          Noreen Shardlow*

Legacy Liaison               Peter West

Haltonian Editor           Barry Hathaway

Welfare                            Andrew MacKenzie

Branches Sec.                 Peter Milner

IT Manager                     Alan Farley*

Halton Grove                  Vacant

Grove liaison                   John Styles

Member                            Barry Smith







*non Trustee





*non Trustee


President’s Address

The Station Commander outlined the Station activities for the previous year and the way ahead for the Station. He indicated the impact of the recent Defence Review. Changes to come into effect for FY 16/17 meant that recruits destined for the RAF Regiment would in future undertake Phase 1 training at Halton rather than Honnington.


In highlighting his support for the Legacy project the Station Commander reminded members of the continuing interest that Lord Trenchard took in the Station, manifesting itself in June of this year with a visit to the Trenchard Museum complex.





Message from our Patron

Sir Dusty Miller read out a message from Sir Michael Armitage, our Patron.




There being no further business the meeting closed at 3pm.




Attachments to be supplied on request:


1.       Financial Statement

2.       Membership Detail

3.       Chairman’s Annual Statement

4.        Legacy Report

5.       Patron’s Message





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D Grant                                                                                                                                L J Shardlow

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