ON  30th SEPTEMBER 2017




Denis O’Brien                                                   Interim Chairman

Gp Capt J P Brayshaw                                     President

                              Tony Whittaker                                                 Treasurer

                                Noreen Shardlow                                             Assistant Treasurer

                                Peter Brown                                                       Deputy Membership Secretary

                                Peter Milner                                                       Branches Secretary

Alan Farley                                                          IT

                                Barry Smith                                                         Council Member

                                Les Shardlow                                                     General Secretary

                                                               122 Members present













Introduction and Apologies

The Chairman welcomed the President, Vice Patron and Members present.

Sir Michael Armitage, AM Cliff Spink and numerous other members had sent their apologies.



Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last AGM were proposed by Sam Wright, seconded by John Welch and approved unanimously by the  members .



Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.



Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported on the activities of the Association over the past year.

The Chairman thanked the Station Commander for his and the Stations co-operation over the past 12 months.

Chairman’s report available from the Gen Sec




Financial Statement

The Treasurer gave his Financial Report for the past year  which were put forward for adoption. Proposer John Nelson, Seconder Peter Brown. Approved by the members present.

The Financial Examiner, Fred Crooks, had inspected the accounts and signed the appropriate certificate for the Charities Commission that they were in order.

The Association thanked Fred Crooks and the Treasury team for all their hard work over the past year.

Financial Statement for 2016 attached

(Published on the website before the AGM)


Membership Report

 A Pie chart was presented showing membership category and overall numbers.



Legacy Report

A status report on the Legacy Project was given by Denis O’Brien which is attached to these minutes.

There was a short question and answer session on the report.

Peter Cunning gave an update on the IBCC project.

The Chairman spoke at length on the impact of the closure of RAF Halton in 2022 in respect of the Assn. He concluded that the Assn should look to closure in 2020 and that a final ‘Hurrah’ could possibly be held at the National Arboretum. He commended his proposals to the members present and  affirmed that should he be re-elected as Chairman he would take it as an endorsement to his plan for closure.

The Legacy background and how and why TEAL was formed was explained by GP Capt Duncan Grant. An exchange of views between Duncan Grant and Mike Evans took place and one member  walked out of the meeting.

Duncan Grant offered the TEAL accounts to the members to view. It was noted that the accountancy costs to Walletts was nil.

Paula Rogers gave an overview of the TEAL Project and explained how TEAL evolved into The RAF Halton Apprentices’ Trust (RAFHAT). It was then explained how the Apprentices story was to be incorporated into the RAF Museum and RAF100.

The UK has a short fall of over 1,000,000 Engineers and by providing a bursary to budding engineers the RAFHAT would be a small lasting help to address that shortfall and an invaluable help to the future of engineering in our  Country.










The Chairman reported that the costs of the Haltonian had escalated and opened a debate on whether an electronic version should be the standard format for forth coming issues with a hard copy on request to those members who do not have an email address.

Gp Capt Geoff Burton asked why the Assn could not use monies from the capital to produce the Haltonian to which the Chairman replied that the Council would look at other possible revenue streams to fund the Haltonian.

After much debate it was proposed by Duncan Grant and seconded by Barry Hathaway that the Haltonian be kept in its present hard copy form and for the Council to re-visit the issue and to report back at a future AGM. The proposal was unanimously endorsed by the members.



General Report  and Election of Chairman and Appointment of Officers

The Interim Chairman recognised that there were members who had put in many years working voluntarily for the Association and that they had decided to retire from office this year. To that end he proposed to the members present that Gp Capt Duncan Grant and Sqdn Ldr Peter West be made Honorary Vice-Presidents of the Association in accordance with the Constitution. This motion was seconded by Peter Brown and approved by the members present.

This year there were two candidates putting themselves forward for the office of Chairman, Denis O’Brien (99th/100th) and Charles Challinger (100th). A vote was held and there were 55 votes for Denis O’Brien and 54 votes for Charles Challinger. Denis O’brien was duly elected Chairman for the ensuing 3 years.

The Chairman informed the members present that the purpose of electing a new Council for a 3 year term was to ensure values of competency and continuity in the work that needed to be carried out and completed with the imminent closure of RAF Halton.

A majority of over two thirds of the members present voted in favour of this proposal as required by the Constitution.

The Following Officers were elected to post for the ensuing 3 years:


Deputy Chairman          John Styles

General Secretary         Les Shardlow

Treasurer                        Tony Whittaker

Assistant Treasurer     Noreen Shardlow*

Mem Secretary              Peter Brown

Haltonian Editor           Barry Hathaway

Welfare                            Barry Smith

IT Manager                     Alan Farley*

Halton Grove                  John Styles

Member                           Peter Milner




G Capt Min Larkin, the Assn and Station Archivist gave a report on the Archive which is attached to these minutes.


Francis Hanford gave a report on the Trenchard Museum and stated that year so far there had been a footfall of over 7000.

Charles Challinger remarked that if there was anything he could get involved in to help the Assn he would be willing to do so. The Chairman thanked him for his offer.































President’s Address

The Station Commander gave an address on RAF Halton past and present and the legacy that the RAF Apprentice scheme had left behind.

The Station Commander gave an  extremely positive response to the RAFHAT Legacy Project in that it would encourage young persons to join the RAF from an engineering perspective.



Message from our Patron

The President read out a message from Sir Michael Armitage, our Patron.




There being no further business the meeting closed at 1650hrs.








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Chairman                                                                                                                            General Secretary

D C O’Brien                                                                                                                        L J Shardlow

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