The RAF Halton Apprentices Association


The Royal Air Force Halton Aircraft Apprentices Association (RAFHAAA) was formed in September 1980 to meet the need for a point of focus for all those young boys who went through the "Halton Grinder" and emerged at the other end as fully-fledged "Trenchard Brats"!  At the 2010 AGM it was proposed and accepted that the name of the association should be changed to drop the word "Aircraft" from the title and thenceforth be known as the RAFHAA and to be informally known as "The Old Haltonians".

If you are not already a member of this elite band then why not get in touch?  The association has approximately C2800 members and holds a major reunion at Halton every three years (the next one is scheduled for 2019).

The RAFHAA twice yearly publishes a magazine called, "The Haltonian" and, in addition, sends a Newsletter two or three times a year to all members.  It also performs the vital function of bringing ex-Apprentices together in renewed comradeship.  The RAFHAA is also a registered charity.

The Association may be able to assist you in making contact with other members of your Entry, most of whom now have their own Entry Association.  (Go to the "Entries" button on the Menu to check if your's has been updated.  Or, if your Entry can't be found, consider getting organised and create a site).

The official contact address for the RAFHAA is as follows:

Building 412
RAF Halton
Bucks HP22 5PG

Telephone: 01296 696896 (with Answerphone).

You can also e-Mail to the following address or click on the following

The office is manned Tuesdays and Thursdays only, between 0900 and 1300 hrs.

Donations, bequests and legacies may be forwarded to the General Secretary and made payable to the "RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices Association Charity No.292523".


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